【Volca Sample系列- Volcaworkflow01】 Volca Sample Street Performance`s WorkFlow

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Gear :

Roland Fc-200 >> Use foot Pedal to send Midi Note to Sampler Two Sustain Pedal >> control Fc-200 `s Oct Retrokits Rk-002 >>Smart MIDI cable for trig samples in Volca Sample Korg Volca Sample >> Sampler for sound MyVolts MickXer >> Mini Mixer without power supply My Volts Ripcord DC Cable >>Portable Volca Power Korg Kp3+ >> Effect and Looper)

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【Volca Sample】Volca Sample All Resourse https://knowledge.naimei.com.tw/search?keywords=volca%20sample All My artile : https://ae-class.com/hulumew

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