Introduction to the Big Bang Theory

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What is the nature of the big bang theory of the origin of the Universe?

In 1927 Georges Lemaitre came up with the Big Bang Theory. The theory explains the origin of the Universe. It was said that the universe reached an extremely high density and temperature point. Then it started expanding the whole Universe, which from that point to more than observable universe, and it is still expanding right now.

According to this theory, the age of universe is fourteen billion years old. After the big bang, the Universe started to cool down, and form subatomic particles and some elements. These subatomic particles formed stars and galaxies due to gravity. There are a lot of evidences that support the big bang theory, such as cosmic microwave background radiation, expansion of the universe, age of the oldest-known star, and abundances of the lightest chemical elements. These phenomenons are evidences of big band theory.

However, there are quite a few problems and related issues of the big bang theory. For example, baryon asymmetry, dark energy, dark matter, horizon problem, magnetic monopolies, and flatness problems. These phenomenons cannot be explain by the big band theory.

Now that me talk about the “inflation” theory and differences between it and the big bang theory.

In 1980 Alan Guth came up with the Inflation Theory. It was said that the speed of universe expanding is faster than light speed. It was caused by the vacuum of space, and the theory can explain why the universe is full of stars and galaxies instead of empty space.

However, inflation theory has no way to explain its initial conditional. The difference between inflation theory and the big bang theory is that the inflation theory can explain horizon problem and flatness problem, but big bang theory cannot. Also, the big bang theory is closer to the universe which be observed by people than the inflation theory. People have no way to test the inflation theory, but the big bang theory can be tested and observed.

So, is the essence of the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe correct?

I think there are many different answers all around the world. We can not say yes or no to this question. Even if the theory is the most popular theory in modern times. Even if there are a lot of phenomenons to support the big bang theory.

The universe is as large as infinite, and a lot of matters in the universe we cannot see and understand it. Big bang theory will always be just a theory for me. It is not an answer to the origin of the universe. It is just how after people observe the universe, they came up with a theory to try to explain those phenomenons which happened in the universe. We can just say that big bang theory is similar to a real answer or even totally wrong. Therefore, it is the reason why I do not believe the big bang theory. I would keep my inquisitive and skeptical heart to learn about it.

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